CM Boxing

At the heart of Crazy Monkey is a performance boxing game. Learn the essentials of surviving a fight with tight defense and winning a fight with effective strikes.

Crazy Monkey Defense is one of the finest modern martial art based programs in the world. We will teach you the skills, techniques, and drills that will give you the confidence in your ability to defend yourself.

But what makes CMD different is the way that we teach you these skills. We don't teach a one-size-fits-all program. No matter if you're learning for self-preservation, health, fitness, personal growth or business confidence, we design the program around your needs and goals.

You will love the Crazy Monkey training environment; where you are free to make mistakes without judgment. Free to find the solutions that work best for you. Where we have a zero 'meathead' policy on the mat. We just wont tolerate anyone intentionally trying to hurt someone while training, or someone who is only there to see who they can beat and dominate.

Crazy Monkey Defense is the only martial arts program in the world where you make the difference. Where the teaching is built around your experience, your needs, and your skills. Where you discover your strengths and learn what makes you great.