Mini Monkeys

Ages 6-8yr

The Mini-Monkeys classes (6-8) focuses on self-defense through the use of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Similar to judo/wrestling/grappling, BJJ is a ground-based martial arts system that uses leverage and movement rather than strength to control an opponent. Along with groundwork, we will be looking at staying safe while on your feet, maintain distance when confronted with bullies, and working control positions. This kids class does not teach any direct striking or kicking with the hands and feet.

Ages 9-13yr

Mini-Monkeys (9-13) is the next level. While still using jiu-jitsu at the core, more time is spent developing situational awareness. Kids will be challenged to take their skills to the next level. More elements of the self-preservation game and boxing game are introduced.